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Art Department

The Art and Design Department forms part of the Communication Faculty. Our 2 full-time Art teachers specialise in the fields of Sculpture and Graphics and offer a wide range of courses, allowing students the freedom to develop specialisms in 3D Art, Art Textiles, Art Graphics and Fine Art. Students at George Pindar School have access to purpose-built art teaching rooms.The Department is supported by a specialist art technician and is at the forefront of innovative creative teaching. We obtained Artsmark Gold Award in 2010 and the art staff are committed to providing an engaging and individualized learning experience for its students. We strive to take every student to exhibition in order to develop their creativity.


At Key Stage 3, all students study art for one lesson per week with a focus on developing the knowledge, skills and understanding required to build a strong foundation prior to Key Stage 4.At Key Stage 4, students may opt to continue a specific Art & Design course to GCSE or BTEC standard. A wide range of possibilities are open to students including GCSE courses in Art & Design, 3D Art, Graphics and Art Textiles. Art based courses are always a popular option with 150 students at Key Stage 4 currently following an Art option.

Extra-Curricular Learning

Art staff at George Pindar School are wholly committed to achieving the best possible results for students. Students feel welcome to spend time in the department after school on most days in order to develop their work. The department has consistently achieved outstanding results for a number of years.

Courses on offer:

  • GCSE Art Textiles
  • GCSE Art Graphics
  • GCSE Art and Design
  • GCSE 3D Art
  • BTEC Art