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Performing Arts


Faculty Information

The Drama Department forms part of the Performance Faculty. Students in the department have the opportunity to develop their understanding of theatre and skills that will prepare them for adult life.

We aim to make drama fun and enjoyable therefore promoting an atmosphere of positive learning, where students feel confident to explore and develop their creative skills in performance.

Confidence and communication skills are developed to support students in every area of the school curriculum and in everyday life

Curriculum Information:

At Key Stage 3 students study drama as a discrete subject for one lesson per week. They are given the opportunity to learn different skills in drama which include working productively as part of a team, exploring scripts, creating their own performances and use current social issues to explore people’s emotions and perspectives.

At Key Stage 4, AQA GCSE Drama has been a popular option choice for a number of years. Subject matter and Controlled Assessment tasks are designed to stimulate and challenge our students.

Students study the techniques of key practitioners which they can then apply to their own improvised and devised work. The selected scripts are appropriate to individual group abilities and interests, enabling all to succeed and gain confidence both in themselves and as performers.

Students also have the opportunity to benefit from workshops given by professionals as part of the Stephen Joseph Theatre-in-the-Round Outreach Scheme.

As part of this scheme students have the opportunity to participate in the Outreach Festival and perform on the stage at the SJT. There are also opportunities for students to see professional productions at local theatres in Scarborough and York.