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Faculty Information

The Science Faculty at George Pindar School seeks to promote engagement, enjoyment and excellence in science learning.

To this end our curriculum is designed:

  • To equip all our students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be scientifically literate citizens.
  • To develop students’ technical and practical skills.
  • To provide students with the depth and breadth of scientific knowledge and understanding needed to continue their science learning in post-16 studies.

Curriculum Information


Students have four 1 hour science lessons per week. The curriculum follows AQA’s KS3 syllabus, which allows students to master the science content of the National Curriculum and develops key scientific skills. Lessons contain a significant amount of practical and group tasks. There is also a focus on development of literacy and oracy skills. Both formative and summative assessments are used to monitor student progress and identify their next steps.


The GCSE course starts in the summer term of year 9 with a bridging unit, Biomimcry.

Students have the option to choose between AQA Combined Science: Trilogy or separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Triple Science).

Combined Science: Trilogy

Students have ten 1 hour lessons every two weeks. The course consists of Biology, Chemistry and Physics units, which are examined in six, 1 hour 15 minute terminal examinations and results in a double award GCSE graded 9-1.

Triple Science

Students have fifteen 1hour lessons every two weeks. This allows them to cover Biology, Chemistry and Physics ideas in more detail. The courses are examined in six, 1 hour and 45 minute terminal examinations and results in three GCSEs graded 9-1.

As well as practical and group tasks designed to exemplify the knowledge and understanding being covered, all students complete a number of required practical tasks during the courses, the understanding of which may be tested in the terminal exams. In lessons, there continues to be a significant focus on the literacy and numeracy skills that students will need to be successful in their external examinations.