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Faculty Information

The Science Faculty at George Pindar School seeks to promote engagement, enjoyment and excellence in science learning by developing

To this end our curriculum is designed:

  • Interest, excitement and curiosity in scientific phenomena
  • expertise in scientific enquiry skills

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Curriculum Information

In Y7 and Y8 students are placed in ability sets based on their targets and attainment.  Students are taught a Scheme of Learning (SoL) that delivers the knowledge and content of the National Curriculum KS3 programme of study in addition to the practical skills of ‘How Science Works’.

In Y9 the more able students begin a GCSE triple science course.  Other Y9 students are taught a SoL that both consolidates their knowledge and understanding of the key ideas and concepts in KS3 as well as introducing some of the new ideas and concepts that they will study in more detail at KS4.

In Y10 and Y11 students are offered a range of pathways designed to best meet their abilities and aspirations.  These pathways are comprised of AQA courses in GCSE Triple Science, GCSE Core Science and GCSE Additional Science.