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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3

Settling in at School – year 7

Our Year 7 Pastoral Team will be amongst the first members of school staff that your child will meet at the beginning of their academic career at GPS. We are very well aware of the mixed emotions that our students will feel as they start this next stage of their education. For this reason, our work with your child begins with visits from members of our team throughout Years 5 and 6.

GPS is part of the town collaborative of schools working together to ensure the smoothest transition possible. In common with all secondary schools across the town, we invite our students to visit for two taster days in their last half-term at Junior School.

Success in Year 7 at GPS will come from excellence in teaching and learning along with a structured, appropriate tutor programme which is underpinned with an emphasis on literacy. Weekly activities include: holding challenging debates around national and global topics; circle time to encourage and foster group identity; active group reading and celebrating achievement. The Year 7 Pastoral Team will always be available to speak to you by either telephone or school e-mail. They will also communicate with you when necessary through your child's planner. Tutors will be your first point of contact for all academic or social concerns. We will provide a friendly and supportive environment where all students can achieve success. In addition to the parents' evening when you can meet with your child's subject teachers; we hold an informal Year 7 surgery in October, when you can meet your child's tutor or member of our leadership team. Please refer to the School Calendar for specific dates.

Year 8

Moving into year 8, the confidence of our students has increased as they have become familiar with the routines of George Pindar School. We expect our year 8 students to adopt a mature attitude to school life and to become more involved in the community of the school, helping at events such as Open Evening, Parents’ Evenings and other community events as well as attending extra curricular activities.

Our year 8 tutor programme is based on the needs of individual students with a focus on literacy and numeracy.

Year 9

Year 9 is one of the most important school years so far. Our students will choose their GCSE options; the first step in planning for their future studies and careers. Students will also be given the opportunity to attend external trips to help guide them with their decision making.

Parents/carers will be invited to attend our “Options Evening” where there will be opportunities to discuss the most suitable subject choices for your child with our staff.