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George Pindar School Newsletters

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22nd February Year 9 Students get Tec'nical, Hair & Beauty Students Afternoon Out, Healthy Higher Education, Skiing In Castleford, Mathswatch Winners, Science Success,
21st December Last Newsletter of 2018 - Senior Citizens Christmas Party, Christmas Jumpers, Xmas Dinner, Licence To Calculate, Year 8 Poetry Slam, Christmas Cake & Cuppa Event.
10th December Children In Need Charity Day, Remembrance Day Service, Shooting Stars, Poetry Competition Winner.
24th October Engineering Week, Student Leadership Team, The New Uniform, Open Evening & Reading 7/11
17th May Tour de Yorkshire Sculpture, ‘Gimme Five’ Event, House of Lords visit, Creative Writing Workshop.
22nd February We Will Rock You Dates, Drop Down Day, World Book Day, National Railway Museum Trip.
22nd December 2017 Christmas At GPS, High Five's Final Event, We "CAN" Make A Difference, Sports Diary,
Key Dates For Parents.
27th November 2017 Remembrance Day, Children In Need, Invigilators Needed, Sports Diary, Key Dates For Parents.
10th November 2017 Drop Down Day, Next Career Steps, Poetry, Half Term Heroes, Archbishop of York Visit, Sports Diary,
Key Dates For Parents.
18th October 2017 Engineering Week, Book Bonanza, Year 8 Poetry Slam, Macmillan Coffee Morning, Sports Diary,
Key Dates For Parents.
21st July 2017 End Of Academic Year Blockbuster Newsletter (Print Out & Keep Edition)
7th July 2017 Gothic Literature Experience In Whitby, Short Story Challenge, Year 8 Cricket Victory, Art Exhibition.
23rd June 2017 Drama Festival, High Five In York, Criminology Taster Day, New Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls.
26th May 2017 London Trip, Short Story Competition, Gardening Club, Sports Diary.
12th May 2017 Marathon Man, Danny and Alex Award, Short Story Competition, Ski Trip, Sports Diary.

7th April 2017

Art Trip - Mastering The Masters, Makeup That's Out Of This World, Psychology Masterclass,
Robots Out Of Rubbish.

24th March. 2017

A Feast Of Numbers, American Pie, Buckets Of Cash, Budding Builders, Poetry Pebbles,
Cup Glory For Year 9s

8th March. 2017

World Book Day, Author, E. R. Murray, School Visit & Letter, Book Clubs, Sports Diary,
Key Dates For Parents.

10th Feb. 2017

Drop Down Day 2017, Our eBook platform - OverDrive, Careers Assistance For Year 11s, Book Clubs.

18th Nov. 2016

Remembrance Day, Next Step Careers Fair, Free toast and a hot drink available, Young Carers, Sports Diary.

21st Oct. 2016

Engineering Week, National Poetry Day, Book Bonanza, Young Gardeners, Reading Millionaire, Free Tea & Toast.

7th Oct. 2016

 Our New Headteacher, Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls, Open Evening, Train To Teach, Sports Diary, Key Dates For Parents, Attendance Matters.

22nd July 2016

Goodbye To Our Headteacher, Accelerated Readers Awards, Work Experience Week, Key Stage 3 Awards, A Taste Of College Life, Leavers Assembly, Review Of The Year, Year 11 Prom Photo.

8th July 2016

Anne Frank Exhibition, School Garden, High Five Finals, NYP Lifestyle Challenge, Something to do this summer.

17th June 2016

 London Trip, Gothic Literature Trip, Sports Diary, Key Dates For Parents

18th May 2016

The Sound Of Music, Perfect Presentations, Gardening Club, TDY Trophy Tour, Minor League Cup Final.

24th March 2016

World Book Day, Maths Feast, Join The Child Rescue Alert Team, Sports Diary, Key Dates For Parents.

9th March 2016

Poet Nick Toczek, The Skills Village, How clean are your hands, Sports Diary, Key Dates for Parents

12th Feb.2016

 Digital Demonstration, Cadbury World visit, Year 7 Reading Challenge, Sports Diary, Key Dates for parents


20th January 2015

Thai Boxer Is Champion, High Flyer In Year 11, Stephen Joseph Theatre Outreach Festival

26th Feb. 2015

Duke Of Edinburgh Students Expedition, Year 9s Are All Heart, More Millionaires Club Members

13th March 2015

World Book Day, University Visits, Netball Superstars, Drama Group at Stephen Joseph Theatre

27th March 2015

Comic Relief, Accelerated Reader, Maths Masters, Learning a trade

24th April 2015

Visit by author Alan Gibbons, D of E Awards, Girls under 15s football, Tour De Yorkshire

8th May 2015

Tour De Yorkshire, D of E Awards Update, Sports Diary, Key Dates for Parents

17th June 2015

Lion King, Silver D of E, New Staff, Dracula Trip, Key Dates For Parents, Sports Diary

3rd July 2015

D of E assessment expedition, Ofsted Inspection Results, Millionaires Club, Headingley Trip, Key dates for parents

17th July 2015

Last issue of 2014- 2015 academic year. It's a double double bumper issue!

6th Nov. 2015

Key Stage 4 Awards, Fireworks, Beach For Bicycles, Twitter, Sports Diary, Skatepark Closure.

25th Nov. 2015

Crime and safety awareness day, Next Step Careers Fair, Geography students Cayton Bay Field Trip



29th Sept. 2014

Student Leader Team, Bookbuzz, Sports Diary, Help With Homework, Key dates for parents

16th Oct. 2014

Presentation Evening, Scarborough 6th Form Open Evening, Sports Diary, Key dates for parents

24th Oct. 2014

Engineering Event, Restart A Heart, Careers Event, Sports Diary, Help With Homework

14th Nov. 2014

Roman Re-enactment, Remembering WW1, Year 7 Students get free books

8th Dec. 2014

Millionaire Magic, Bags Of Fun At Morrisons, Footballing Fun At Hull

19th Dec. 2014

Year 11s Display Their Acting Talents, Festive Fun For Young & Old, Christmas Celebration Evening