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George Pindar School Student Leadership

Student Leadership Team will be announced shortly

Student Voice

At George Pindar School we aim to do our best for all students. In addition to the four of us there is a team of students from each year group to be your voice in the School. This year Student Leaders have been involved in the following things:

  • Designing the new School Prospectus
  • Presenting school events eg Talent show.
  • Performing at presentation evenings.
  • Leading student discussions.
  • Designing leavers hoodies.
  • Establishing a new student voice system.

We are sure that all the students at George Pindar School will want to have their say in moving the school forward and building on the success that has already been achieved.

George Pindar School is a School where the staff will listen to you, your voice will be heard and where your opinions and thoughts really do count.