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Faculty Information

The Mathematics Department at GPS aims to create a learning environment where students enjoy their studies, are confident users of numbers and can think logically and independently in order to solve everyday problems.

Curriculum Information

GCSE Mathematics helps students develop a knowledge and understanding of:

· problem solving

· reasoning

· applying maths in context

· functional elements of Maths

All GCSE exams in Mathematics will include questions that allow students to draw on elements from within and across different topic areas, and questions that allow students to provide extended responses.

Assessment: GCSE Mathematics has a Foundation tier (grades 1 – 5) and a Higher tier (grades 4 – 9). Students must take three question papers at the same tier. There will be two calculator papers and one non-calculator paper. All papers will include a mix of question styles, from short, single-mark questions to multi-step problems. The mathematical demand increases as a student progresses through the paper.

The qualification will be graded on a nine-point scale: 1 to 9 – where 9 is the best grade.

For all question papers, students are expected to have mathematical instruments available for use in the exam. These instruments are defined as:

• pencil (for use in diagrams only)

• ruler

• pair of compasses

• protractor

A calculator is required for use in paper 2 and paper 3 of this specification. It is essential for any student to have a high quality scientific calculator which they are familiar with in lessons and in the exams.