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Resistant Materials

Curriculum Information

Resistant Materials bring together design and making in a fun and interactive way. Pupils will experience working in wood, metal and plastic to produce a range of small projects. In Key Stage 3 pupils follow a nine week rotation in Technology and are currently making the following projects:

Year 7 – Children's toothbrush holder using acrylic

Year 8 – Automata using pine and plywood

If pupils choose to opt for Resistant Materials in Key Stage 4 they will follow the AQA GCSE Resistant Materials course worth 1 GCSE.

The course is broken down into:

60% coursework (portfolio and practical)

40% Examination The examination is not tiered so all students can access A* - G grades.

On this course pupils will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Properties and uses of wood, metal and plastic
  • Customer needs
  • How to use tools and equipment correctly
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental issues
  • Industrial processes
  • Evaluating techniques
  • Product analysis and impact

View or download 2012 exam results.

View or download 2014 exam results.